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    Ordered Racetronix Fuel Hangar with Pump 255

    Hi I just received my Racetronix fuel pump hangar and pump kit from them and the fuel sock doesn't seem to be installed and just like fell off ? I also have a pack of what I believe to be silicone grease with the pump kit am I supposed to grease the pump before I slip the fuel sock back on ? I...
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    Please remove

    Making 1 ad for everything. I made a couple mistakes. I am not a vendor, nor do I want to become one. I do not have more than one of any item I have for sale. I had a project, it is no longer going to happen. I am trying to recover what money I can. There is no ill will here, no intent to scam...
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    is anyone familiar with the walbro 450lph single pump ?

    http://www.fullthrottlespeed.com/416lph-e85-walbro-pump-ss-sender-combo.html I'm considering buying this, but I would like read some reviews on it. Would this be sufficient to support 500-600rwhp?