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    Restoration Parts Pile, Engine Harness, Rear Suspension, Frame Notch Kit, Hood Pad, T Top, 6266 Turbo

    More parts gotta go after more GN restoration phases have finished. 1987 GN complete engine wiring harness just removed, has a new tps wire slice and I'm taking out my Red's Alternator Volt Booster. Boost solenoid wire is broke = $100 NEW In Box, NIB, T Top SS Center Cap, this piece goes on...
  2. P

    Seam Sealer locations...is more better?

    Hi All, Finally got my baby back from the paint shop, and I'm starting to work on the interior. She is bare bones right now, so I'm going through and applying seam sealer. During reconstruction, I replaced parts of the T Top roof as well as the floor pans, because there was a lot of rust. I'm...
  3. R

    1985 Buick Regal T-type for sale Hawaii

    Hello, need to sell my 1985 Buick Regal T-type turbo. Ive owned since 1988. 100% stock, never raced or abused. $12,500. Call ted at 808-690-4158.