torque converter

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    (SOLD) Revolution X 9.5" Street-Strip Lock-Up Torque Converter

    Purchased from Full throttle back in March of this year. Sold the car before I could install it. Asking $500.
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    GNX Torque converter

    So I recently met a man at a car show who used to have a grand national. He told me about a torque converter Buick used to make for the GNX I’ll ASSume and said the part numbers were different for the torque converts, just wondering when I go to the 200r4 id like to hunt down that PN torque...
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    New Billet PTC “9.5 non-lockup

    Selling my PTC “9.5 billet converter I decided to go lockup for the long trips I’ll be taking. Converter was purchased through PTC for $1000 and has less than 800 miles on it. $800 plus shipping This is great deal for someone looking for a NL is my direct email
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    High Stall Converter 245mm (9.5")

    Circle D Specialties 245mm 2C Lock-Up Stall Converter with Billet Cover for TH200-4R & 27 Spline TH700R4. This is a very strong torque converter that has gone 9 seconds in a 3700 pound car with 60' times in the 1.3s. It is rated at 2800 stall, drives great on the street. Very few passes on the...