1. 1

    Door Trim Removal/Replacement

    So the door trim on my T-Type is coming off. This gives me two options: 1. Take them off and re-adhere them back on. 2. Take them off and completely leave them off. Both options leave me with the same questions, how do you go about removing the old adhesive tape, without ruining my paint? To...
  2. 87Limitedwo2

    Rear Interior Panels Needed for 87 GN

    Looking for: --Right Rear Interior 1/4 trim panels Upper & Lower in Gray of course (don't need the fabric panel) --Right B pillar trim (goes from floor to roof & covers pinch weld) --1 Black Front Female seat belt bolt cover (this is the round piece) Mint or Near Mint parts only. Am...
  3. grussem

    Glove Box Trim

    Looking for the silver trim that goes near the glove box. Mine keeps falling out and the silver coating is cracked and also falling off.
  4. N

    Rear Window Trim!

    I'm currently removing the landau roof. I'll preferably prefer chrome trim, I need the rear window trim which consists of 3 pieces: top and both side trims No Dents Please