turbo regal

  1. W

    1987 Turbo Regal for sale in DFW area

    See “cars for sale” section for full info. https://turbobuick.com/threads/ca-car-titled-1987-buick-t-type-for-sale-in-dfw-texas-22-000-77k-miles-blue-exterior-with-blue-interior.459220/ Looking to see if anyone in DFW or surrounding states is looking for a clean turbo regal. 77,000 maybe...
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    Video: The Dennis Kirban Story

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy my new video about Dennis Kirban and his story. Please like, subscribe, and share!! More videos to come! Steve
  3. cbar_tx

    Turbo Regal Service Manual Android App (Updated)

    1987 Buick Turbo Regal Service Manual Android App I found a downloadable service manual online and was trying to use my tablet to view it but the way it was set up, I guess, the built-in html viewer and browser didn't know what to do with it since it was formatted as html and pdf files in a...