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    TT 93 Street Tune Lean

    So Just want to see some thoughts of users here, Currently just picked up a Turbo Tweak Tune 93 Street 19/17 15-17 psi. Eric stated his tune the maf needs to lock onto 255 to have proper fueling. Car has usual mods, TA-49, Exhaust, K&N Intake, FPR, Racetronix 255 Pump and some other parts not...
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    80lb Siemens, 6.1 TT chip, and matching Innovate LC-1 wideband

    80lb Siemens injectors from TurboTweak. Matched. 6.1 TT alky chip and the Innovate LC-1 wideband to go with it. Package deal I'll sell for $400 shipped. PayPal is best