2023 THS Sponsors for GS Nationals/ Roll call- who's coming

Haulz A

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On behalf of the THS racers- we would like to thank all of our Sponsors that continues supporting the GS Nationals each year which creates a venue for the Buick community to celebrate our love/passion for racing/car show events and pass on the rich history of how it at started. Below is list of all of current THS sponsors. Also a shout out to who all is coming to participant in the THS class racing.

2023 GS Nationals THS Sponsors

Boost Crew Motorsports (THS Title sponsor)
SpoolFool Productions
Lorenz Racing & Performance
Watts Performance & solutions
Janis Transmission
RJC Racing
Broughton Performance
Hartline Performance
GN1 Performance
HR Parts & Stuff
Shawn O'connor
TA Performance
Turbo Dojo
JL Enterprise
Lisa O’Connor Racing
Dusty/Twisted6 Racing
Champion Racing Heads
Jason Godwin
Larry Hodge Racing
John Csordas
Dave Fiscus Motorsports
Jason Rigsby

Can't wait. See you guys next week.

Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions