Big Chief vs GN

Car is moving (note rear tires), light not yet on.....

Nope.. that's Bones from West Texas.... and the car he got from Richie Kibler. Has conventional SBC with single turbo.
None of it matters, cuz Chief left early. Period.

Love the show, not a hater, but he left early, video proves it and it is what it is. Chief should have been called the loser because he cheated.

There is no saying he didn't leave early.
actually, in normal drag race, this doesn't actually means he's rolled out of the beams yet.... yeah i thought he jumped too.

No, it's not a normal drag race. That very fact is what the SO guys hang their hats on.

He jumped and it's clearly evident.
If the Regal guy had jumped like that they would have been ready to hang him.

If they are going to put a video on youtube of a race at least make it a fair race.
If only a Racing Stage Tree Light was being used Big-Chief would have been blinded with a BIG
Are you guys sure he jumped? I went frame by frame, which is really tough because it jumps around, but I found one where the light was off and he was not moving. The next frame the light was just barely on and his tires were starting to wrinkle. He obviously anticipated the light, but only a high speed camera would have caught if he jumped for sure. I'm on the fence whether he jumped or hit the most perfect light ever. Only a very high speed camera or using timing equipment would tell the truth, but honestly there is no way anyone could watch this vid at full speed and make a call.

Plus, who cares as the Regal wasn't sporting a turbo 6. No turbo 6 is going to hang with a car like that anyway.
Wow i was so sure he left early.

But after watching the video another 5 times with my extra large magnifying glass he left at the exact same time the light came on. I would have to apologize to Big Chief for my earlier remarks about him. Damn he has great reflexes.
Watching Street Outlaws with multiple camera angles will spoil you. I watched a few other street racing vids where you would swear one guy jumped. Then you review it 9 or 10 times and realize that one guy was sleeping while the other one gambled on anticipating the light / arm drop and got it dead nuts on.
This debate could continue forever, but it's just not important to me........... :wacky: