Car runs great until 12/13 psi

No disintegrations

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Dec 27, 2015
Just a quick tuning summary. If the car runs and drives OK under light load those areas of the tune can be refined later. Typically harder and and harder hits are made concentrating on Afr. They want it rich at first for safety. Then some fuel is pulled out. If it only gains a small amount of power its put back to the richer Afr again for safety, a cushion if you will. There is no magic Afr number 10.8 can be fine.
After that timing is addressed. Some timing is pulled. The engine should lose some power. If you pull timing and it gains power you had too much to begin with.
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Dec 14, 2004
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Since the car is on XFI, if the FP is logged, the FP correction will handle the sudden spike. But that's likely not the issue, from 2000 miles away.

No way to really tell what the issue is IMO, without looking at the data, and the car, which neither are shared.

One thing is certain:
"correlation does not imply causation"
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