cold start problem


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Jan 10, 2004
Car needs relatively long cranking with throttle pumping before starting. Once started, will start fine next time when warm.
I have attached a start log and my tune. From the log you can see that multiple throttle pumps are need, but the crank where is
starts does not require throttle. I have set the key on fuel pump to 6 seconds, but w/o improvement.
Played with the starting IAC position vs coolant temp, CTS correction, afterstart enrichment vs coolant temp and cranking fuel (pulse width) vs coolant temp. Have not yet found the combination that doesn't require pumping throttle with long cranking time.
I would add that when driving around the block the
throttle response seems to bog down or is sluggish (too rich). Existing tune is from Anderson Performance.

Should be able to solve this issue by tweaking my learning curve. Expert advice needed and appreciated.

Please let me know if tune or log files cannot be read.



  • test_2_may_2024.gct.txt
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I had to rename my gct file to gct.txt to allow an attachment. I am sending my log again, renames with .log.txt

Hopefully this will work.



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test files


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Anyone is welcome to look at my start log ( and my tune (
I am able to download both, unzip and read into ccompwp. My main issue is the cold start log, and anything in the log or tune that would correct this issue.