Coolant leak from somewhere....

I pressure tested the radiator today.....would only get to about 10psi and than start losing pressure. The coolant was leaking from the both of the hoses coming from the heater core on the firewall. I have the hose and heater check valve on order should be here any day, also I took the thermostat housing off and cleaned it up and have it ready to go back on when the permatex comes in with the rest of the stuff. I have a question right now there is a 180° thermostat in there, I was thinking should go with the 160° ? While I have it all apart.

Are there pre bent hoses for the replacements or do I just cut to fit the 5/8 hose I ordered. One of the coolant hoses that is coming out of the heater core pipe has a big bend.I just don't know if the pipe I ordered will get a kink in it......we will wait and see what happens.

Do you guys run a gasket only or permatex or both on the thermostat housing? I have a 180 fan switch setup for the electric fans, if I switch the thermostat should I switch out the temp switch to 160 as well?

Thank you for all tour help guys.
If you have Erics chip in your car just throw a 160 thermostat in it and call it a day.
Okay, I'm in a bit of a pickle i ordered the Highway Stars heater hoses. Only 3 of them I can make work, and few of the others I used some new 5/8 coolant hose. Now I am left with the following 2 molded hoses that I am having a difficult time finding, even from another application.

Now my question to you guysbout there with the Hot air turbo Buicks, what did you use to replace the 2 hoses.

Here are a couple of pictures of the hoses I am looking for....they are 3/4" ID. As you can see the highway star molded hose is a lot smaller than the stock one that came off my car.

Thanks guys,

Coolant leak seems resolved now...changed the heater control valve, all the hoses and clamps. Put in a 160 thermostat as well. Was a pain In the ass getting the thermostat housing to seal. Tried the blue permatex with gasket, only gasket Ultra black gasket maker and finally The Right Stuff Black Gasket maker 90min. The Right stuff Gasket maker worked.....fired up the car and let heat up and had thermostat open at 160. After about 25 mins no leaks. Finally.

Also installed the DnA motoring China stainless headers, up pipe and crossover. Little bit of trimming on the crossover and with a proper pair of Vband clamps and ARP header exhaust leak or exhaust smell in the engine bay or in the will be very happy....also exhaust wrapped the up pipe and downpipe as well....keep the engine a bit cooler.

Here are a couple pics...I will take some better ones tmrw with all the hoses and exhaust parts.

Thanks for your help guys.

Now what should I do next.......