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That's awesome man. Can't take it with you so drive the he'll out of them while you can! I had an all original low mile gn back in 91. Drove the he'll out of it every chance I got and still do Now she has 77k on the clock. No regrets! No garage or trailer queens in my toy box.
You got a good one...the gas gauge is not even fogged up!

Do some fog up and stay fogged up ? Mine sometimes fogs up just when I first start it and maybe the first ten minutes of driving , then goes away nice and clean . However , my boost gauge was cloudy ( dirty) behind the lens when I got it , I carefully took it out , uncrimped the bezel to take the glass off and clean it , put it carefully back together , and like new it looks !!!!!
Yall GNX guys are so cool , some a trailer queen and some drivers , either way congrats to all that have one . I have never seen one personally and cant wait