almost out of beer
Anyone have a source for the turbo mounting gasket set? Extras ? Been having a hard time locating one
Thanks for the link, The spacer is a good idea! I couldn't find a gasket anywhere. Just had to have the machine shop cut the o ring grooves for me.
Nope. Couldn't find the gasket or kit anywhere. I installed this spacer over the weekend. It worked perfectly , and now all that is needed are o rings. Going to look into the egr manifold gaskets this week. May end up making them
Lots of places online said they had them, one place I ordered three of them only to get a call that they were out and were going to update their website.
Last I bought one through rock auto they showed up without the foot gasket.

Ive gotta get it drawn up with O rings and CNC a few out if I find time.