FEELER: '87 Regal Limited, Turbo T


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1987 Buick Regal Limited Turbo T, 64,000 original, two-owner, never modded miles! This car has about all the options you could get! RARE Astroroof, leather interior, padded top, cornering lights, coach lights, stainless trim, ICE-COLD A/C, power windows, locks, power antenna (that works!!), cruise, tilt, AM/FM cassette, G80, ALL ORIGINAL!! Never been modded, never been raced, never seen snow or salt! Great driver, good mechanicals, would not be afraid to drive across the country. Grandpa sleeper version of the Grand National and WAY more rare, only 1035 Limited "T's" were built in '87, not very many of them were optioned like this one! I will take more detail pics for SERIOUS buyers!

$14,999 FIRM




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sometimes we sell cars and kick yourselves in the ass :mad: your looking for a hard car to find white with w leather etc have see maybe two one that was nice and the other a rotted shitbox good luck and dont sell without one lined up you may be looking for awhile
Damn if my loan was paid off I'd buy this in a heart beat , beautiful .
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Your looking for a car as rare as yours...........
I'd be surprised if they even made 50 Limiteds like yours.........

Btw - I got a white car, see avatar & signature .........:)
Rare in its own right but not what you want......:(
Thanks guys for all the kind words. I will get some more pics today of the car and post them. There are a few details that I am still working to clean up, but overall the car is a very nice and RARE example of an original car. To answer some of the questions above, the car is Dark Metallic Blue with Gray leather and is just outside Milwaukee, WI. I don't HAVE to have a white car lined up first before I sell this one (It would be nice). BUT, it will have to get pretty darn close to my asking price to make it go away.

@TurboTJT I would like to see more details on your white car! :)
looks worth the asking price maybe more.. that car is a beaut! time for the jerkins lotion lol glows can't wait for more pics
Bump for additional quick pics. It was getting dark so they aren't the best, but you get the idea. Driver's seat back "pillow" is a little worn on the outside edge and the headliner needs to be replaced. Headliner is on order and I will be visiting an upholstery shop to fix the seat. Paint is good original with some blemishes here and there. The hood has typical checking, but I can take care of that if buyer wants. The car is not a spotless show car, but is very presentable and great original condition for its age.
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Yes I agree , the pics don't do that car justice , that dark blue metallic looks great in person .
Well, I have no offers on the car and I am enjoying it a lot. Everything is for sale for the right price, BUT it looks like its gonna stay with me for a while. Time to pull the trigger on some mods (and carefully box up all the stock parts!) and plan to bring it out next spring and have even more fun with it!!

Thanks again for all the comments guys!