HELP HELP HELP !!! (Seat Belt Identification). "HOW" ?

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Hi Everyone, boy it's been a while since I was here / but I have now run into a dilemma, and I wondered if anyone out in Buick-land can help me.

HERE GOES: I found a 1976 Buick LeSabre, bought it, and I've since enjoyed doing "literally nothing" with the car, as I'm only the 2nd owner, and aside of a passenger side sun visor screw needing to be tightened, I have found absolutely NOTHING wrong / amid any issue with anything ... EXCEPT This: "Seat Belts". I'll explain: back in the early 80's "Dad" got pissed-off one day and decided to CUT the FRONT seatbelts off !, and years later (after Pop passed), his boy found and then bought a replacement set of belts, and later HE installed the pictured belts .... *I'll try an attach these at the bottom of this post.

The issue simply is this: I have 100 % full function (these front belts operate, buckle-up, and function just fine), but the retractors haven't any covers ... and every time one exits the car, they poke ya in the ass, or "tear your thighs all up", as the studs atop (see the pictures) gore-you, as there are no front retractor COVERS !. My problem is (and this is only a guess) I'm wondering if these are even the correct retractors !.

Lastly, I have looked everywhere / but I can find no set with the shoulder AND lap belts in a "one & done" part, nor can I even identify what I even have. The Part number on the retractors (again, ONLY the fronts) is: "1733082 Allied Chemical Model 3602 and then 40-M-76" .... and they are blk. in color.

The rear belts are black as well, and they "look" to be the original belts ... as they present themselves, and look "normal". So there it is ... do I just try an find covers for whatever these things (the FRONT retractors) are ? / or, do I try an find another set (I see none available anywhere / + the ones that are are huge HUGE money). So ANY HELP here would be very VERY much appreciated. I'm really not a LeSabre guy, but with only 28,000 miles and not so much as a pin-prick (no rust), I bought the car as a simple labor of love.

The engine is what really astounds me, ....... and again: my issue is "basically esthetics", as again: these front belts work and function just fine !.

ANY HELP would again, be much appreciated !. ;)o_O


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Some additional pictures: "I can't understand why there is so little appeal for these old gun-ships" ! :unsure:


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