How am I supposed to get in contact with anyone from G Body Parts?

This is the reason I don’t buy from him I did buy a few things way back and never had an issue. Your Story seems to be a broken Record that’s been playing for years.Good Luck.
consider the lack of reply devine intervention....

Goodmark makes the floorpan stuff you are looking for. You can buy direct from Goodmark.

Goodmark Sales => 877-477-3577 sales reps are Tony and John. they know turbo buicks and their products.
I haven't had any issues buying from either. I'll check out Good Mark. Thank you guys so much for the speedy responses!!!!! The new engine is done, installed, and started. Now on to the interior. I plan to create an entire new thread over the entire build. It' s been going on for some years. I'm excited to update my sig!! Thanks again
Looks like I can get the floor mounting hardware for the seats as well!
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.....I realize that this is an older thread, But GBody has been lying to me comin' up on 2 years now. :cautious: