Installing a Ford Radio in a GN


My sister gave me her stock 2001 Ford F-150 CD Player from her truck after replacing it. I like the look of it and think that it would look good in the GN.

Where can I get the wiring harness that plugs into the back of the radio from? I called all the junkyards around here and none of them have anything that new. The Ford dealership wants $55.75 for it, which really isn't worth it to me. I could buy a new CD player for a few dollars more.

Any ideas?
You can usually find a harness at circuit city/best buy for $15-20. But that radio is a little larger than factory gm radios, would require some work.
lol yeah. We all know how the Ford guys are, I might be able to talk my way in. Thank GOD the radio doesn't have a Ford Logo on it.

I found a site that sells this stuff, it's FYI