Intercooler piping popped off in boost


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Still new here so please bare with me. I was driving today and while in and out of boost I heard what sounded like a blow off letting off. As soon as I heard it I let off the gas and pulled over. Immediately after I heard that sound the car wanted to cut off but I was able to pull into an empty parking lot. Upon popping the hood I noticed the pipe coming from my FMIC that enters the block had popped off. I had to wait for it to cool off and managed to put it back in place however was unable to secure the clamp to secure it in place ( lesson learned here keep basic tools in the trunk). I drove it home which was less than a mile away and it drove and idled fine and I didn’t go into boost. My question for you all is with that pipe blowing off could that have caused any engine damage ? As soon as I heard that sound I immediately let off the gas and just gave it enough to coast into the parking lot. Thanks to all I advance.

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I wouldn't think so, there is probably not a person on here that hasn't blown off a IC hose at one time or another. Upgrade your clamps if your using cheapies and the more hose you can slide up on the pipe the better.

Appreciate the response and will do!!

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Here's an old trick that I've been using for years: make sure there is no oil residue on the inside of your coupler .. Clean the inside of it & your TB with brake cleaner to ensure there is no trace of oil. Grab your wife's aerosol hair spray and give the inside of your silicone coupler a spray. This will help to hold your coupler (especially at higher boost levels).
If you are on full boost when this happens, and someone gets to see it from behind, sometimes they be fortunate enough to see the big giant show of orange and yellow fireballs exiting your tailpipe!

The fuel being used to quench your engines boosted power thirst is suddenly not needed. It sometimes ignites in the exhaust stream causing this. Most times (at least for me) without serious consequence.