LED light bulb issues


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Replaced all exterior bulbs with Sylvania LEDs and changed flasher.
When I put the 2057 LED in front the 194 in the parking lens goes out. If I reinstall the old bulb the 194 works properly.

Any suggestions?
The front lighting harness has some fuckery in it where the bulbs are fed current "backwards". Sticking a diode in certain fixtures cuts current to ones further down the line.

I just put incandescent back in. The alternative was cutting up the harness and the juice wasn't worth the squeeze.
Old GM duallys have a similar deal on the rear flashers and "hip" side marker lites too.
I tried this last year, wasn't pumped about what you found either. At least my blue interior LEDs looked cool and I just cut my loss on the exterior ones.

I'll ask John at Casper when I eventually do the engine harness update if there's a way to add in anything to resolve this.