looking for turbo Buick mechanic in Chicago area


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I am looking for a tubo Buick mechanic in the Chicago area. I live about 4 hours from Chicago but don't have anyone local who is familiar with these cars.
In looking through old threads I could not find anyone recommended recently.

Turbo farm, beat a v8 and turbo bu rick are all from the area. Jimmy's moved to union grove WI. That's an half hour from the border off of 94. Where are you exactly?
I tried the St. Louis area and didn’t get any replies . But yes that is closer to me.

What are the current mod's to the car?
What are your goals? Maybe a visit to vortexbuicks and agood"spring cleaning" would be a good start.
Also look at gnttype.org. 👍
I ended up getting a different car than the one I had my eye on. This one has been modified. I am working on the spring cleaning. Besides trying to use the forum for help on trying to work on the car I did find Turbo Farm in the Chicago area.
I wouldn't hesitate to ship the car if needed to TurboBuRick or any GN experienced tech. While our cars aren't 1 off freaks to work on, there's so many common issues that pop up that most of us are familiar with it, this experience saves you tons of time vs at shops learning on your car. The $200 tow etc is made back fast, especially at the $125-$175 an hour labor rates today.