Need new speakers

My opinion, speakers are like tires. 1000 Hp and cheap tires equals no go. Everyone has different taste in music. Listen to different speakers and get what you like and can afford. To double the volume takes 10 times as much power and distortion kills speakers quickly, just like knock kills engines.
You brought up two brands I have a lot of experience with. I am actually running the Polk Audio DB401 in my GN for fronts and I have always loved the sound quality of Infinity. The ones you listed should be fine running on a head unit, I have the Kappa Perfect components that need an amp to really come alive but quality is great for the money. What I talked about earlier (better speaker but may not be able to use it). I have seen Infinity listed many times on this board as factory replacements. As far as JBL i have heard friends systems that i liked but no personal experience with them. Now that you have looked at a few online make sure you go listen to them, after all you are the one that has to listen to your decision.

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They might be. You can usually compare them at the store if they have speakers set up. I gotta be honest: I think alot of the newer cars with the 6x9 in the front doors sound darn good. It's just alot of speaker to try and fit in an older car with flat door panels and limited placement options. Technology is so much better now than 25 years ago. You have to work at a good setup in an older car. But you can replicate alot of new car speaker placement and have your sound upfront around you. Good speakers in the doors and maybe in the dash (some don't like them there) is a good start.

And you really need a little bit of bass to fill in what the smaller 8"-ish speakers just won't provide. That's why I went with the small-ish sub I have.
Well you can't judge my speakers fitting so yours will too. I saved this GN before a punk kid hacked it up too much and one of the hacks he had done already was chop off the ends of the dash cap and cut up the dash inside to fit 5.25" speakers. So for my dash the 4s barely fit, one of the first things I did was fix that with another cover and new speakers.

Which brand is better? That's your choice again. If someone told you they were junk I would walk away from that guy, obviously his opinion is not fact as sales would prove. Polk vs Rockford? My opinion is Polk, Rockford does tend to be louder than other speakers but at frequencies that tend to hurt my ears. Again my opinion. I would say Infinity pleases more people over all though.

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The PO cut the fronts to fit 4" and the rears to fit 6x9s, so I'll be going that route. Was planning to use Memphis speakers(have them in the Tbird and they sound great) but it looks like I'll have to get them or another brand in 4ohm since I want to keep the factory headunit for stock appearance and to rock out to my cassette tapes! :cool: Well, until it eats the tape anyway. :mad:
Anyone know what the factory headunit output is to the speakers?
Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I had the 4X10 to 6X9 adapters before and I couldn't get them to work as they were jammed up against the trunk tension rods. It sucks because I have everything else done but still have 4X10's in the back.
For DaySleeper, I had the same problem finally gave up and took the car to the stereo shop and they made thier own adapters for the 6X9s and mounted them as to where you can't even see the adapters.
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I put the factory diameter round speakers but from Infinity in my fronts. Even though they lack the range, their overall fit & finish, and sound quality is nice. Can't complain. They were loads better than my old kenwoods which literally rotted away, sitting in a cool garage for 3 years. Brand new speakers, rotted in 3 years. Wow.
To mount my Infinity speakers, which were too tall for the factory space (they ALL are. DO NOT believe the websites that tell you "these fit in your car" because they DO NOT.) I had to mount some U nuts on the speaker mounting flanges, get some small but thick rubber o rings as dampers, and mount the speaker with the mounting flanges underneath the dash, not on top like the factory, utilzing the o rings for not only the proper depth locators, but to insulate the speaker from the mounting surface. It was a moderate pain, but not as bad as I thought. I actually think wiping all the fingerprints from the glass in that hard to reach area was harder than mounting the speakers.