roof skin difference between regal and monte carlo

Jon Limes

I have taken out the ACS aftermarket sun roof out of my GN. If any body wants it, let me know, excellent working condition just pay for shipping.
After doing research on the forum, the popular way is to re-skin the roof, which I have no problem doing, I have a roof, but I have found a NOS Monte Carlo roof skin. The GM part number for the regal (which is the same for Grand Prix and Cutlass) is 20607943. The Monte Carlo is 20607942, would any body happen to know the difference? Any info is greatly appreciated.
The difference should be the notch for the quarter windows. The Monte's window is wider at the top than the Regal or Grand Prix. The skin comes down about 2 inches there. Then there is lead fillings to blend the panels in.


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There have been a couple of racers that have used Cutlasses and reskinned them as Regals or GN's!