Super Bowl giveaway


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Post your prediction and enter to win a 1 year paid subscription to the Buick GS Club of America ($45 value), bonus gift for exact winning team and score.
The thought came to me after reading the email from Paul Ferry @HRpartsNstuff which I'm sure many of you received asking for people to consider subscribing for the greater good of the Buick world. His message resonated with me so I figured this would be one way of getting his message out to more people. Credit goes to @Rick the pool guy for the idea of the contest as he has a running thread started a couple days ago, those that post their prediction in that thread are eligible. Rules are simple and as follows:

1) 1 prediction per member
2) prediction must include winning team and final score of game
3) winner will be determined by correct prediction of winning team AND closest amount total points posted vs actual outcome total points.
4) tie breaker will be determined by who posted first.
5) all predictions must be posted in this thread
6) predictions posted in Rick's "super bowl" thread before this thread is up will be honored
7) I'll send the funds to the winner ($45) a day or two after the game, as soon as a clear winner is decided, you must (honor system) use the funds to renew your membershiip or join the GSCA so please only enter a guess if you intend on following thru.
8) Only 1 winner.

So that's about it, just trying to give a little back to the Buick world.
Feel free to post up any details I might of missed, and any links to the GSCA so people can see what comes along with a membership, I don't know how to do so :geek:

Let the games begin..

( Mods if this thread is at all out of line do what ya gotta do) :cool:
KC-35 49ers-28
but i'm a Jets fan so what do i know lol
Here's what you get if you nail the team & score, cool little piece from Kirban open house few years ago signed by the man himself.


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