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  • Thats awesome that they made the prison an art hub... LOVE IT (im an art major) Sounds like you will have plenty of space to play with ur GN. Thats awesome ! Well.. if you are up for the trek.. the Power Tour is starting in Cocoa Beach Florida. You should stop by and say hi !
    Oohhh... Lorton... not a good place to be, Im glad you're moving. When I was out that way that place was known for its prison. Well.. if you're moved by the 2011 Power Tour, then you will have to trek over to Mobile and say Hi. Im pretty sure thats where its going to start next yr. Im glad you saw my little 15 min of fame.. LOL... it was pretty neat. =]
    I lived in Mantua, now in Lorton, but moving to Huntsville AL Next year. This place officially has the worst traffic in the nation. I do enjoy what the DC area has to offer, but I think i have had enough.
    It was pretty cool seeing you and your car in Hot Rod Magazine!
    Hi. I just saw that you're from No. VA and I had to say hi... I graduated HS from Fairfax High.... back in the day. :) I lived up there for 6 yrs.
    Normal driving around it is around 170 degrees. When it got up over 180 it sputtered and died. I am thinking about getting a better radiator. I know it will get too hot again if I sit in too much traffic again.
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