3.8L V-8 eater

Cars / Shooting Pool
Apr 25, 1971 (Age: 52)


87' Turbo-T

Stock Block .030 over w/ J&E Forged Pistons, 212/212 Roller Cam w/ Morel lifters, Ported Irons / Intake, 70MM T.B. Matching K.Bell Plenum, Scanmaster2.1, 3000 Art Carr N/L Converter, 60lb Injectors, 6265 Precision Billet Wheel J.B.Turbo, CAS V2 Front Mount, Razors Alky Kit, F- Body Radiator w/ Dual fans, Translator Plus w/ 94mm Maf, K&N Filter, Bailey's Extreme Chip, 3" ATR Single Shot Exhaust W/ Dump, ATR Rear Sway Bar, HR Lowers, Art Carr Tranny, Power logger, Scan Master 2.2, PLX w/band....

Best ET 10.72
Best MPH 126.95

86 T-Type
.030 Over Stock Block, Forged Pistons, Eagle 4340 Steel Crank, 212 / 206 Billet Roller Cam, Cottons Front Mount, PTC 18 Blade Converter, Janis Stage 2 trans w/Brake, 3" Down Pipe, TE45A Turbo, Alky Control Kit, 3" Exhaust, Fast Sportsman w/ E-Dash, 80lb Injectors, F- Body Radiator w/ Larger Fan, Ported Irons, 4" Maf pipe

Best ET 10.50
Best MPH 129


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