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  • Did you ever get bigger than 315/30/18 in the rear? Car is awesome by the way
    Hey Nick. Thank you! No I actually prefer to stay with the 315's. I like them and too be honest, any wider and I think the car will handle poorly. There is plenty of room in the wheel well but if I'm really hitting a sharp turn aggressively, the articulation of the rear end allows the tire to just kiss the wheel well on the loaded side.
    Thanks form the feed back. Can u send me a side shot of the car? Wheel specs?
    hey ,I live in Tacoma,WA and was wondering if we could meet up somewhere because i really need them Axles u have for sale,so plz give me a call @ 253-282-4779-Craig/Tacomacapo.88@gmail.com
    Not that it really matters anymore but.......I'd a bought that car in a second. I missed your post by a few days. That car set the bar for what I'm now looking for, don't know if I'll find anything even close.
    Hi. Please keep me posted on whether you're going to sell the Edelbrock cam separately. Thanks!
    Hi jdpolzin, I see you are a fan of SPC front upper control arms, will these be good for a street car or should I go with something like Speedway Motor uppers.Thanks,ikle.
    hi jeremey got thr fueul pump thanks a million, one quuestion does it need a fuel sock cant find one at locall auuoto parts stores. also were does the secon 4 prong connecter hook uo too neer fuel tank one is for pump i think there are 2 thanks again for all have a good day

    marc cell=631-627- 5305
    Hi jermey, thakns for yhepsckege,nice dealing with you.i also mneed a maff senso trnasltaer nboe m,,,,60 mlbminjector, and duealm fan setupm ,allfront mend mparts too especial window guards on outside mof windoe witthfelt tom keep out water.

    thanks again Marc
    631-627-59-305 anytime day or night
    I saw a post you made a while back on a casting number you came across in a NA Buick, just like mine is; 25514290. Did you find any info on that? I have a discussion I made yesterday about getting a 109 and a few of the guys seem to think it would be worthwhile to rebuild.
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