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  • Hello everybody ..im marcel....im just venturing into the turbo.world..I always loved the gn the body style.....but I was always an as monte fan which I currently own .years ago I purchased a 83 t type..but I never got chance to kick it....so now im tring to get educated
    i have an 86 87 ecm and a maf translater, welded up my own cold air new exhaust front 2 back now that the block is good im going to have the frame blastet and i already have an energy suspention kit for the body mounts control arms and trans mount let me know how your build goes heads and intake hopefully will be going on this or next week end
    86 ecm is a must, at least 42.5 inj, and ill let you know how my alky goes, how my turbo performs, if my tb helps and all about my dp when it all finally runs
    ok seen his pics looks the same his only cleaner hope u got the pic let me know how should i finish the block ie fuel injectors, tb,chip ect was thinking about methenal if it dosnt take two much work i want this thing to perform
    i wouldnt expect that to be a mod at all, since oil should only flow into the pickup in the pan. where you located?
    i have an 84 hot air the old ownr had the car rebuilt once i blew a head gasket and during tear down found a piece of my block was missing above my cam in the valley i ran a wire it goes into the oil pump is this a mod or did some one break the block and leave it i have pics having trouble posting
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