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    Assortment of parts!

    Is one of the VDO gauges for temp?? Black face?? That's what I need
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    Wtb AC Compressor "Y" Bracket

    This is a good deal especially with getting the E-Dash
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    I'll take this: Fast XFI wire harness ( basically brand new) I ordered an extension harness when i bought my fast, don't think i used this at all--$25
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    stolen grand national

    Those are bad ass
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    Who makes a turbo shield for a PTE 5862 turbo?

    I'll take #6 and #14 if available
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    160 lb injectors ??

    When you say the Bosch 125's are much better than others offered, in what way?? What noticeable advantages will they have that would make one justify the extra expense??
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    160 lb injectors ??

    Is there a cheaper option than 799 for some good 120lbers?? I finally got gas station close enough to me to make the switch to E-85, but 800 for injectors is pretty costly
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    FOR SALE: Original Grey 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T Steering Wheel

    How much?? What brand?? Are they the right length for a Buick, and do they plug in without adaptors?? Thanks!!
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    FOR SALE: Original Grey 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T Steering Wheel

    Hi, Looking for a set of 120lb high impedance injectors for my 86 T-Type...Wanting to go E-85 Thanks!!
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    Parts for cheap. Under drive pulleys, cluster, engine parts

    I'll take the this: GN cluster pulled from parts car, has some rust on the face plate-$40 PM sent
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    Factory and aftermarket parts for sale

    I'll take the following: Factory outside door handles right and left new - $20 for both Aftermarket water/volt gauges with dual pod - $50 - Do these have senders?? Let me know ECM memory cable from Casper’s electronics - $10
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    Covid Cleanup sell off

    I'll go next on the plug wires if it falls through
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    6466 Turbo Talk.

    28lbs with a .63 ex housing
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    6466 Turbo Talk.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread...I have the 45A and was looking to go with 6466
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    SS Headers

    How close are the flanges...Can you get a pic with it lined up as close as it will go??