3.8L V-8 eater
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Sep 24, 2017 at 8:50 PM
Jul 22, 2006
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Apr 25, 1971 (Age: 46)

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3.8L V-8 eater

Well-Known Member, 46

Sorry tank is long gone Aug 24, 2017

3.8L V-8 eater was last seen:
Sep 24, 2017 at 8:50 PM
    1. 3.8L V-8 eater
      3.8L V-8 eater
      Sorry tank is long gone
    2. 2badgn
      Do u still have oem fuel tank? I know its a long shot!
    3. theuglybuick
      Do you still have the hd rocker shafts by chance
    4. TS34
      Thanks for responding. I will be in Norwalk that Sat as long as my employer doesn't add Sat... Where are you located? I'm near Youngstown now but originally from Flint, MI area.
    5. 280GNZ
      Hey Interested in a converter for my GN Text me 903-669-6712 about what you have and how much
      Thanks Jerry
    6. 3.8L V-8 eater
      3.8L V-8 eater
      You will be better off to just buy a complete engine out of an 86 or 87. Your standard block V-6 will not have a hole tapped in the front for the turbo oil drain line and it will not have the same crank as a turbo motor... About the only thing you could use would be your bare block and you would have to drill the hole in the front for oil turbo drain line as mentioned above if u used it.. A few other things to consider would be the engine wire harness and the computer which would need to be changed out as well..A buddy of mine just bought a turbo motor complete with everything. Headers, turbo, computer, intercooler etc... Honestly unless this 81 Regal was in pristine condition and you really want a project you would better off to buy a 86/87 turbo Regal. The prices are as low as you can get right now if you have a little patience there are always alot for sale....
    7. Reddgistered
      My 81 Regal has original bucket seats and chrome mirrors.
    8. Reddgistered
      I recently bought an 81 Regal with a 3.8L V6 and I want to add some heat GN/T-Type style. How do I go about that? Do I just buy a GN/T-Type Engine or add-on to the one I have. The engine I have is strong, I just want some kick.
    9. 3.8L V-8 eater
      3.8L V-8 eater
      Dodge Diesel,

      I haven't completly tore the motor the down yet. Have everything off except the heads and front cover. Had a few local Buick buddies come over who both have experience and also both run roller cams without issue. I'm going to pull off the oil pan take off the caps and check the journals on the crank and go from their.
    10. dodge diesel
      dodge diesel
      V8 EATER, did you have to go through your motor when you cam went south. Also, did you have a hard time starting your freshly rebuilt engine? I know I did, took me a few days of hunting other problems and I'm thinking that didn't help the cam much. also stupid me forgot to add break in fluid with engine oil so I kinda got 5000 miles out of it. I will be putting Rotella diesel oil in with my new flat tappet cam and also cam lube.
    11. jdub
      I'll take the vacum lines
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    Apr 25, 1971 (Age: 46)
    Cars / Shooting Pool


    87' Turbo-T

    Stock Block .030 over w/ J&E Forged Pistons, 212/212 Roller Cam w/ Morel lifters, Ported Irons / Intake, 70MM T.B. Matching K.Bell Plenum, Scanmaster2.1, 3000 Art Carr N/L Converter, 60lb Injectors, 6265 Precision Billet Wheel J.B.Turbo, CAS V2 Front Mount, Razors Alky Kit, F- Body Radiator w/ Dual fans, Translator Plus w/ 94mm Maf, K&N Filter, Bailey's Extreme Chip, 3" ATR Single Shot Exhaust W/ Dump, ATR Rear Sway Bar, HR Lowers, Art Carr Tranny, Power logger, Scan Master 2.2, PLX w/band....

    Best ET 10.72
    Best MPH 126.95

    86 T-Type
    .030 Over Stock Block, Forged Pistons, Eagle 4340 Steel Crank, 212 / 206 Billet Roller Cam, Scan Master 2.2, Cottons Front Mount, 3200 Stall, CK Stage 2 trans w/Brake, 3" Down Pipe, TE45A Turbo, Alky Control Kit, 3" Exhaust, Power Logger, T.Tweak Chip, 60lb Injectors, F- Body Radiator w/ Larger Fan, Ported Irons, 4" Maf pipe 3.5" Maf Sensor

    Best ET ???
    Best MPH ???