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  • as you know , being an electrician , old wires , especially 24 year old wires wont support the current like ,fresh , oxygen free copper does , and oh yea , we put a new ignition module on it , thinking that could have been damaged , as when it would start , it ran really bad , backfiring , wouldn"t idle cold , etc... until steering shorted out harness , sometimes we could drive for hours , before it would happen . i also added a braided copper ground on negitive side of battery to the frame and body to make sure it was grounded . with all that , it runs like a brand new car , even better . it just never ceases to amaze me , the way some people will hack a car up , without thinking anything through . anyways , thanks for the help , and since i aint got any friends on the site yet , i was gona start the list with you , if thats cool ? we both work for the same corporation , just in a different state . im sure we could find something to bs @ .
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