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  • Hey 6togo, the frame looks awesome! I'm in the process of doing the same thing. Did you have any problems running fuel and brakes lines? Can't seem to find a good diagram showing their routing.
    I used a atlas roti from greg smith equipment it worked well and i mostly lifted it by the pitch welds
    I'm going to try this same process, what brand of rotisserie did you use?
    What lifting points did you lift body off frame?
    Arms from tee bar to body mount lengths?

    Hey Chris. I just spoke to Brian today and he's excited to meet you. Also got some more information on that Pit Bull company too. Apparently they were indeed a premier company and a highly sought after exhaust. I think I really do owe you one for that LOL.

    I just pulled my engine and transmission out today. Tomorrow I should know exactly whats wrong with the transmission and the engine oil leak. I am running over 500HP so I was bound to break whatevery stock parts remaining on the car but wow...never thought it would be all of them at the same time. Also I have a lot of stock parts if you are interested. Anyway let me know if there is a specific stock part you need.
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