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    Quick Question About The Original Gnx Exhaust System

    cat and downpipe are identical to GN slip fit with identical clamp as GN flange on cat attaches to flange on Y pipe
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    C68 Blower Motor

    motors are identical in c60 and c68 both systems have a single spade terminal for the motor the c68 has additional connections but they are not part of the motor
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    Prom info

    i have one of those cars with the original ecm and prom if you can't find what you need from someone else i will make a clone of the chip for you rc 336 684 3653
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    For guys with big stereos

    spare tire well and since they are captive inside the frame they are protected and really don't need to be secured where can they go ? they just need to be secured at each end one thing i will declare myself an expert at--audio in a GN
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    A little help please

    that port is what the computer opens and closes to pass air to control the turbo boost. It is just about the most important "port" underneath your hood. I have had owners come to me with blown head gaskets and guess what ? someone replaced the filter with a rubber block off plug--yikes! I have...
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    Rough idle when engine cold

    my experience has shown me that if the cam sensor is 180 out the problem you describe will be likely and will go away when the engine warms up. after you try all the above things give this a try. i give it a good chance of fixing the problem.
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    Dual pump wiring

    the trigger signal for the second relay should be sourced from the hob switch you do not want the high current to pass through the hobb switch as it will cause early failure as for the source of power for the second pump you can source it from the alternator or you can use the same power...
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    84 T-Type wont go

    if your pump can produce 90 psi with the line pinched forget the electrical issue. Doing that puts more of a current demand on that pump than anything your hot air motor can ever do that alone is proof that your "hot wire" and the ground to the pump is more than adequate when the engine is...
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    Bad MAF already???

    as long as everyone keeps buying them they will keep on selling them several years ago i bought a sample from several of the vendors just to check out what thy were selling since i have a flow bench i can easily quantify how good they work without even putting them on a car NO VENDOR...
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    For guys with big stereos

    i always run the power wires thru the frame rails its full of holes where you can enter and exit what is the reason you want to run the wires inside the car? i can't seem to think of a good one
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    Can't get Accumulator Ball Off

    to those of us that know and understand the workings of the PM and can easily maintain them your comment makes as much sense as putting a carburetor on your car if you have turbo or injector offense intended but the PM is not a complicated device but any sufficiently...
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    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    read the post carefully ron was present for the second run test, engine was run for nearly an hour at various speeds and with double mufflers you could actually hear the injectors clicking and I commented on it to him
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    My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

    note to Ron Mooney your phone text implying that I am hiding something related to your lifters is rather crude. That I am "trying to think up a good lie" to explain why your lifters were not on your bill. Your engine has a flat tappet cam and most know that flat tappet cams don't cost nearly as...
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    i have never disconnected the battery to change a MAF totally unnecessary step unplug your maf and the engine will probably start and idle fine don't try to fix a idle problem due to the maf by messing with the IAC