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  • Richard, I just purchased my first GN. It is an '87 with 60k miles on it. I am thinking I need to replace the transmission; it is acting erratic. I live in the High Point area and would like to get in contact you.
    If you have time could you please contact me @ jnaarnold@northstate.net or 336-465-6029.
    I look forward to talking with you,
    John Arnold
    if you haven't done so already, purchase a "high pressure transmission pump regulator"...i've seen where you only get the "valve" (about 2 inches long...) or the whole valve train (valve, spring, a new bushing...) ah... i'll give you a call instead!
    Hi Rich, I was wondering if you ever heard how much the 966640 crate engine that was listed on eBay sold for and how much that engine would be worth today. The pictures you posted of said engine were great.
    Richard had a guy call me today looking to buy a low mile GN. He lives in NC.
    Can you help him?
    His name is John Davidson 910-308-3255

    Thank You
    Jim Dunn
    HI Rich, Thanks for helping me out with my Alternator. I will send my Alternator out to your location, but it will be sometime within 3-4 weeks today.
    Can you please send me your address so when that time comes I will send it out to you. My email address: jjppmm@charter.net I will continue to speak with you through our email system, more privacy. Thank you again, Julio
    rich i have a stock reman maf from canada its standard brand has the correct angle plug and measures 255 at about half throttle.I have a couple of3 inch lt1 mafs on the bench is it worthwhile upgrading to the newer maf and i also have a zo6 maf from a gm truck but would cost more for the kn and 5 pin to 3 adapter quuestion is it worth the upgrade thanks
    Hello Richard Clark, please contact me regarding testing of NEW parts! admin@stagerighttransmissions.com or 386-243-0235 Thank you, John Lynn.
    Mr. Clark,

    Since you have done so much research regarding oil and ZDDP levels, I was wondering what type of oil you recommend for GN's (Dino or synthetic), and what viscosity? I live in New York State, but only drive the car in spring/summer/early fall when the weather is between approx 50-85 degrees. I am a ZDDPlus user, so that is not an issue. I thought I read somewhere that dino oil might actually be better for these cars???? I don't know if I am old school, but I am a fan of heavier weight oils. To me, 10W-30 and lower seems too thin for these cars.
    Do you have the diagram for the digital climate control? I saw in a post that you said you did. Could I get a copy emailed to elcaminosunlimited@gmail.com? im trying to put one in a car that didnt come with one. I have the whole setup in a box.. Thank you!
    (sorry for the last message) Mr. Clark, I am an owner of an 87' GN and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I have had the car for about 4 years and majority of the time it has seen the inside of a garage. I think I am on the third mechanic. I live in the Lumberton N.C. area and was wondering if you knew of a garage/mechanic in the N.C. area that i could take my car to. The car isnt in that bad of shape. I have replaced a few stock parts with performance pieces, but still have issues. Not a lot of people can work on these cars and was hoping you could help. Thanks.
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