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  • Hi, there. I’m a long time member of the site and had a question about something l wanted to do before l do it. I have a laser engraving business and wanted to post products for sale to all the members. They would be things like Zippo lighters, metal plaques, keychains, etc. with various turbo Buick logos engraved on them. Is this allowed and if so what section should l post in? Thanks for your time.
    I wanted to delete my car for sale post and put it under my original account. I found the password for it.
    I have a question about my account. How do I change the name on the account? I'm concerned people see my full name and not my chosen nickname (JP) when I post things on the website.
    Hi guys,
    I can't seem to access and posted photos of cars, or files (like manuals, etc). When attempting to see a photo, it goes to a "oops..something wrong " page. Any way to correct this?
    I found a cutlass in a junkyard locally and it is mostly stripped and ready to crush but it still has the rear alum. Bumper bracket and was wondering were I’d post that for guys to see in case someone is interested?
    could someone tell me how start a thread thanks
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    what if you ordered part from member and they don't ship item but receive payment.. may have an incident to report..
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