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  • that air cleaner was for my mustang, i guess i could send you the old one shouldnt be aproblem, crane igntion from cal hartline..
    Joe, do you also have the intake piping and the air-cleaner we left in the trailer? Also, what ignition were you running on the car? Was it a digital box?
    Joe, all went well on the ride back home. I will contact Dave and see how it goes. Thanks for all your help. Here is my address:
    Brian Swauger
    6915 North Palmyra Road
    Canfield, OH 44406

    P.S.> I hope your wife is happy the 80's car is gone. lol
    Joe, this is Brian that bought the car. Can you list me who's rearend is in the car(Is ist a Moser)? Do you have the pipes from the inter-cooler with the alky nozzles? There was a spare antenna motor you said you had for the car. And do yyou have any paperwork on the boost controller? Can you also tell me whom you bought the trans from so I can contact them?

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