Central Fl.
My car(s)
86 GN w/ minor mods for now................
2005 Corvette Coupe 6-speed
1993 Cad Allante (my cruising car)
Auto related


86 GN t-top w/ RJC downpipe, PCV & powerplate, 3" mandrel bent single shot exhaust, 62mm throttle body, clean plenum, 3" up pipe, SLIC, 4" maf pipe w/ 85mm LS2 maf, TA-49 water cooled turbo,new valve springs ( I'm lazy on timing chain change) Now fully on E-85 ... w/ TT E-85 chip, 80 lb. injectors, billet fuel reg, hot wired DW 300 pump, 8an feedline & 6an return all teflon re-routed . Blocked egr / vapor can off with filter on vent line Boxed F-body rad w/ Concorde dual fans & 160 therm, stock block, heads. Transmission recently re-done by local retired GM tech: Husek 2800 converter, upgrade hardened parts etc.,700 filter w /deep pan. Short rear springs & shocks w/ updated rear control arms and all new body mounts...... STILL LEARNING and more to come!!




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