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  • New to the site, having trouble searching forums, keep getting error message - Opps Something Went Wrong. Using Chome and IE Explorer , any advise.
    Doooood just got a pristine 85 two tone t-type. Moved into an apt. and desperately need to find a kind soul w a garage to wrench on it for a weekend. I live in the bay area. Like to do an 86-87 swap eventually. Know anyone out this way? Or a speed shop if I absolutely have to :(?
    yeah thats great i been trying to figure out what i should do next and what would be best thing to do in my next step. let me know what you think, thanks.
    wow sounds like you were almost shooting at a 10 second pass. Im working on getting a hold of a alky kit and a front mount intercooler next, and then i should run in the high 11s i hope.
    Hey dude its Al from photo finish. Hows the car? i just did a 12.15 this last saturday. Im getting there almost. how fast are you now?
    Hey Brent. Hope you did well last weekend. I pulled my cat off thinking maybe I had an exhaust restriction,( MAF didn't fix it). When running with out the exhaust I could clearly hear random misfires causing power loss and surging. Put new wires on and Bingo. Hope engine holds up till the 5th. I got possable rod knock, hopping convertor noise at low rpm. Basicly idle in gear. Gonna run it anyway. If it breaks it needed fixing anyway.
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