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    DIY Intake Porting

    Sooo...I should fill my intake with golf balls?
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    Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank

    Nice car momma! Where are you guys buying these? My cars been sitting, this may be an option.
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    Bracket Bonanza

    Have any spare bolts? I need the big alu bracket and all the hardware.
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    PCV with check valve

    TurboRick can you explain the best setup?
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    New oil catch can thread

    That's some mighty fine looking engines fellas!
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    PCV with check valve

    Thanks Turbo6
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    PCV with check valve

    "The PCV system is needed. It should be a closed system tied back in after the MAF with no valve cover breathers." Is there any advice on best the way to do this anywhere?
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    Time for Frame off.

    lol! Just messin, it's all good. Now if it was an LS in a mustang! Muhahaha!
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    Time for Frame off.

    Yeah, that was supposed to be a joke. Sounded better in my head, as usual. Meaning, they made a Monte out of a GN. No Buick PP = not a GN. Fab work is nice though.
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    Did you look in the parts for sale section? There's a brand new one with some shipping damage.
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    Time for Frame off.

    "Dart Big M block" Is that a Buick V6? I didn't know Dart made Buick stuff.
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    GM Stock 86-87 radiator

    Bummer. Never had a problem with my stock rad.
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    GM Stock 86-87 radiator

    Were the OGs Aluminium?
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