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  • Yea hit up Lou he's in lake forest Lous automotive he's real good with turbo regals good guy he knows his **** his website is always advertised in this forum it's also on the homepage what year T Type do u have?
    are those permanent stains on the drivers side by the heel pad? its just hard to tell from the pic is there anything else bad on the carpet besides the mounting holes area?
    my up pipe so by thermal barrier ur reffering to the exhaust wrap right same thing? and wen u say coat it on top do u mean coat the wrapping with some high temp wrap spray coating ? which coating do u recommend over the wrapping ? sorry for all the questions i just want to do it right and thanks for ur time to answer
    Up pipe or downpipe...? The coating (ceramic) works fine on stainless most of the blacks will sort of grey up or chalk-up a little with the heat of a down pipe but still perform great. I personally like a thermal barrier and them top coat with a colored ceramic. It works great and the color on the top coat last much longer.
    Like the f body swap radiator there is no engine oil cooler provision. It only has the trans cooler. There is a nipple up top near filler neck that has a hose around it I never used that just kept the hose on it As far as the other hole mention, not sure what you are talking about.
    i just seen your message, i have 1 driver side header left,, it has been welded before, it was some parts i bought long ago
    i have a known good working factory maf sensor for $175 plus $10 shipping
    2 months ago i drove the car this sensor was in 250 miles with zero issues

    203 213 9126 james
    The cartridges for the OTC2000, I used only the one marked GN. I think there may be one for dodge and one for ford but I can't remember exactly. I never had to use those.
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