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  • I was skimming the Internet for a colt fourm and ram across your interest in them do you know of a fourm for dodge colts
    There isn't anything out ther spacifically for those. There is turbododge.com that has a little info but not much. Is yours an original turbo colt?
    I may be able to drive up to TN to pick up the t-top....

    Are you looking for any parts?

    I have a nice set of solid aluminium lower contror arms and ajustable upper contol arms.
    Bushing need to be replace, but they are nice. I have no problem paying the cash but I am just throwing that out there as a possible trade in case you were interested.
    My PM box is full and I cannot receive private messages at the moment. Please email me at bryan@era.com or call (804)426-3600. I have an 87 GN you can buy for $5500. I am in Richmond, VA.
    I wish I could but I'd say shipping would be between 20 and 30. That doesn't leave much walking around money haha.
    It would work fine but ocasionally go off like it didn't hava a good conection when I used the lighter for power Most of the time I could wiggle or twist the lead and it would come back on. I never had a problem when I conected the clamps to the battery though. Seems like if I remember right the cables were short but it worked. Good luck.
    hey 1dollardog i bought the otc2000 months ago and tried using it today for the first time due to some major set backs anyway i just had a question for u regarding the power connection i used the car lighter but nothing would come i was wondering if u had that problem ? did u ever use the cables with the negative and positive clamps if so where did u hook them up to ? any info i would really appreciate thank you
    hey dollar dog remember u selling me ur otc 2000 tool i just have a question there r 3 chip looking cartridges one says gn and the 2 r blank wat r those for ? do i need to hook them anywhere? thanx
    I can't do that. The last fender I shipped was 5 years ago and it was near $80 to ship it then. Where are you located and are you willing to pay shipping?
    Shoot me an email address and I'll get some pics to you. The car is totally rust free. It has good quarters, doors, fenders, floors, hydroboost brakes, steering, suspension, rear deck lid. Many good parts still on it. No engine but I'll let the tranny go with it but needs rebuilding. Rear has been sold but I put a 7.5 under it to roll it. 84 ttype wheels go with it also. No title, parts or drag only. $1000
    Totally rust free. The rear has been sold but I stuck a 7.5 under it to move it. No title, parts only. Quarters, doors, fenders, rear deck, floors, bumpers are all good. Bench seat, hydroboost brakes, all suspension still there. No motor or harness. I'll give u the trans with it but needs rebuilding. Has alot of good parts left. 84 ttype wheels go with it too. $1000
    How much do you want for your car? Do you have any pictures you could send me and is it rust-free? I'm particularly looking for rear quarters but I may be interested in more. Thanks
    I sold the one out of my parts car a while back. I'll check around for you though. My email is messed up on my computer so I can't email right now.
    hey. you wouldn't happen to have a 8.5 for sale would you? or maybe know where one is near us. I would even consider a 12 bolt from a chevelle. My email is chevyman.327@hotmail.com. I check that more than my messages here.
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