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  • Hi Mike, Gary Davidson, wondering how the Monte SS is doing. How fast have you got it to run ? Please email me back at
    Hi Joe -my dad has been trying to buy the enkie centercaps from you and I have been waiting for your email so I can pay for them with my paypal as my dad -BaaadGN does not have a paypal. Can you please send me an email with your paypal info and the amount to my personal email at I will then send you the paypal amount requested. Thanksm, Brad
    Send me your email and I will make a paypal payment.......also with the RJC braces you are not able to use the stock bolts correct?

    You can also send me a paypal invoice if you choose my email

    Thanks Joey
    Are the rims still or sale? I would like to buy them, please. Contact me via email at as soon as possible. Thanks, Mike
    I would like to buy a kenne fuel pressure regulator ...... can i get your paypal . thanks... p.s. sorry also been busy. keith
    Iam just outside of cleveland and would like to pick up your injectors if you still ha e them? If you like you can call me at 440-944-5040 thanks e.l
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