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  • You are dearly missed, my friend.....one of kind you were. Rest in peace. We ALL miss you and will so forever.
    Hi Charlie , I have a question . We had a house fire and my daughter as setup a donation fund. Normally I would not ask for this , but I could use all the help I can get. is it possible to post it to this site ?
    Hey charlief1. I hooked up the Casper volt booster to my 87 GN. At wot the car volts went up to 16.1 to start and then leveled off at 15.8 . Is this bad for the car ? Without the volt booster at wot the volts are at 13.1 to 13.2 Thanks paul,
    Just sayin Hi =) Looks like I will be actually drivin the GN this yr on PT.. Whooot whooot =) Hope all is well with you
    Willie here in Arizona. How do I post on a forum???
    If you start a new thread there's a box that says new post. If you wish to comment on a thread you can in the box at the bottom of the thread.
    Please send pix of headers and crossover pipe to
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