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  • I heard of them never heard anything bad about them they will be your best bet those redneck white boys no there stuff. Lol
    Hey Tommy have U heard many people talk about Anderson performance I think the owner is named Bill Anderson located in Dundalk,MD he's about give and take 45 mins from me just wondering.
    Hi, I don't currently have the 255/60/15 M/T DRs on my car right now, however, I have seen them on a few cars down here with stock T rims and they fit perfect, no rubbing so no need to use spacers or use a hammer on the inside of the fenderwell like with the 275/60/15 M/Ts. When racing season down here rolls around I plan on getting a set from these guys as they seem to have the best prices I could find~ McCormack Racing : Mickey Thompson-ET Street Radial

    Any long island ny turbo buick guys out there am new here looking to meet and chat with my 87 turbo t thanks tommy
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