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  • are you still building motors? If so I got a ta block that I want to get done. let me know either way please. thanks
    Have acquirred a stage motor with the belt drive cam , originaly built around 02 best I can tell. Belt looks fine, whats the life on these belts? Might you have the belts for a dry sump and cam driven distributor? If it works 800 850 3828 or dukemcclain@yahoo.com
    Hi, I'm from Vernon, about an hour south of you. From reading on here, you seem to be the man around here for TR work.
    I also gather that you arent very available, . My question is, when i get to where i need a mechanic for something, would you be interested? If not, do you have
    any nearby recommendations. If you are, could i get a contact number? And how long is the waiting list? =) Thanks in advance
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