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    87 GN 40,000 miles for sale (hard top)

    The getting gas conversation seems like almost a constant thing that’s very funny.
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    Full Throttle Feedback

    Same here have been buying stuff from Mike and Mariann for years( big purchases) and never had a problem.I have them ship it to the shop in North Jersey that does my work they know the owner well and have never had a single problem. If I ever had to call about
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    86 Black TType

    That’s a shame with 34k somebody let that car get into that condition.
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    What's the truth about headers?

    Same here I said it in an earlier post .T/A’s will cost more but the end result is worth it.No cracking and they look great.
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    New TType Badges, 7th Injector, 80lbs injectors, Accel Ecm

    I threw mine in the garbage.
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    What's the truth about headers?

    Damn that’s a hell of a score I paid almost 800 for a set of TA’s
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    What's the truth about headers?

    TA Performance Stock Replacements.
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    Hood mounted fuel gauge.

    I have the one from TR Customs it’s a great kit.
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    Accumulator bowl - 87 Turbo T

    Kirbans sells them,I got mine from them if nobody has one.
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    questions about 15 year old chip

    Email Eric give him the chip number and he will tell you everything it was burned for.
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    Best GNX style 16” wheels

    Get in touch with Mario987 on the board.His wheels are the best polished aluminum and deep dish in the back.
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    Exhaust hanger.

    I bought the Gbody Stainless one not realizing it’s for a 2 1/2 inch exhaust and had to remove material to make it work.
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    AC Delco stock mass air flow sensor. 87

    Damn I didn’t know that,I sold an extra NOS one I had last year for 75 bucks.
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    Octane Booster - Xylene Questions

    I will change the pump every other year needed or not.I have a friend with the same pump for 7 years doing nothing to it.That tells me they have to be pretty good.Hey but to each there own I just got sick of mixing fuels.
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    Octane Booster - Xylene Questions

    Just put the ALKY injection kit on no more mixing. 5 gallons cost 45 bucks and lasts the whole year at 25psi.