Turbo Buicks, sports, and traveling.
Wasilla, Alaska
My car(s)
1987 Buick Grand National, 1987 Turbo-T, and 1999 Camaro Z28, 1992 GMC Typhoon, 1991 Camaro Z28


1987 Grand National
TE-45A, V-2 IC, 3" THDP w/test pipe & cutout, HP trans w/trans brake, Art Carr 9" TC w/3800 stall, SMC Prog Alchy, 55lbs inj, Quad Air double pumper, TT Alchy chip, Hooker 2 1/2" catback with Dynomax UltraFlo mufflers, p/p heads (1.77 intake valves), port matched intake, JJ 65MM ported TB & Dog House, ATR rear sway bar, Metco Uppers/Lowers, pinion snubber, dual air bags, 275x60x15 BFG DR's on Weld Pro Stars (15x10's in the rear and 15x4 in the front), notched rear and tuned by Direct Scan.

1987 Turbo T
PTE-51, V4 IC, 3" DP w/test pipe, shift kit, SMC Prog Alchy, Orange Stripe TC, 42 lbs inj, RT fp, TT Alchy chip, 2 1/2" catback with Dynomax UltraFlo mufflers, Mickey Thompson DR's 275x60x15.



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