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  • Up here raising kids and playing with Buicks, you should come visit in the summer.. send your phone number or text me.
    Dennis, how are you doing? I hope you are able to sell your car. How's life been? I'm still in Wasilla with my broke down Buick. Hit me up sometime, Ted
    Hey Dennis. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Trying to get used to the work flow. I'm up here at Wainright. I will give you a holler sometime this week. I'd love to help you with the tranny.
    Rob, give me a call. We did not do a very good job at hooking up in the summer. But would like to meet you and talk cars..
    Dennis 590-0592
    Hey. I'm Rob. Don't have my TR, but just giving you a holler. I'm up in your neck of the woods. Fairbanks for the next few years. If you ever need someone to help you wrench or hold your beer while you do it, I'm your guy, haha.

    sorry about the smoke man.. that stinks but you got the tranny right it sounds like. I never lock the converter till 3rd.
    Been driving my trubo t alot.. pounded a 2002 supercharged cobra the other night.. This was a cobra that i have seen turn hight 10's... But street racing is different, he spun and it was all over when the turbo kicked in.. was funny..
    Yep collected some cars for sure.. I sold the LS6 two weeks ago, it went to oregon.. need to thin out some. I just beat my wife if she gives me any crap about the cars. You should try that? haha... just kidding. Well fortunately my wife seen me make money selling some of these cars years ago I knows can make us money.. just sold the LS6 for a hefty profit. However, a car like yours or any of my cars I race or build will never prove to be good investments you can recoup. Show your wife the cars in my Signature to show here how reserved you are and you need one more car.

    Just hanging at the house for the weekend.
    Hi Dennis, I am running Delo 15W-40 and a can of Bardahl "No Smoke" The Bardahl pours like thick honey. I used to burn a quart every 170-180 miles, with thicker oil and additive it improved to about 220 miles a quart. It still sucks! My cash requirements for finishing my landscaping project and my oldest daughter getting braces have put a pinch on me freeing up money to get my car fixed. It will probably be a 2012 project. The car runs real hard, but pukes out a smoke screen. Kind of embarassing.

    Your getting quite a list of cars in your signature. I would have a more than the TTA, but I don't have a supportive spouse. My brother Steve offered to sell his 1993 ZR1 Corvette, but you can guess where that went when I posed the question to my wife.

    The tranny is holding up real good...so far. This time I am not going to lockup the torque converter at WOT, or at least until after 85+ mph.

    What's up in your world Dennis?

    Hey Mark. Same here sorry about the delay in reply. Been busy with everything to do with life... work, kids.. etc.. Hopefully your tranny works out well. I hat trannys since I dont know much about them and cant work on them. My car is always giving me fits. My trubo t semms to work all the time, stock motor with bolt ons.. it just goes and goes. These hotter cars are a challange for sure. Try some thicker oil maybe to help the fogger problem? May at lest mask the problem.
    Hi Dennis, I haven't been to the "board" since September of last year. Chomping at the bit to get my car on the road. That transmission problem I had in September, well the transmission soft parts were toast so it was rebuilt. That put a real dent in my plans...the money I spend on the transmission was supposed to go toward getting the motor re-ringed, so the car is still a "mosquito fogger." Maybe it'll happen over the winter and be ready to kick some V-8 butts in the summer of 2012!. Sorry about not answering your post in September of 2010.

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