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  • Where from in MS ? I'm in New Albany
    Hey I'm new here, I'm not to tech savvy!! I can't even figure out how to reply or talk with anyone on this site. Idk what I'm doing wrong??
    Damn I think that one actually worked
    I just picked up an 87 GN Father/Son project, CF5 car. I've been doing a ton of reading! Need all the help I can get, you guys are Great on here, excellent info 👍👍
    Patrick I purchased a 6266 JB turbo and installed on my DD. This is a stroker motor 109 with 212-212 roller cam with 1.65 rockers, Champion R ported heads with matched intake set of GSCA headers with RJC 3in. DP. I could not find any info on the 6266 JB as far as HP numbers. This car has turned into a beast. On these cold streets and street tires car will not go straight at ANY speed. Thanks. HiTech6
    Hey Patrick this is Justin,out of Town CreeK if you dont mind will you give me a call @256-303-1506
    Hey Patrick any news on the new stainless exhaust housing for the 47-88 or pictures if I'm not being too nosy. And pricing would be nice.

    Hello sir…. Please help at your earliest convenience. Got a car with this installed and just want to figure out what I got without having to remove it hopefully. Thank you in advance!! Inducer housing says Garret A/R 60 M24 L. May be a GT 28 or GT 25? It is coupled to 3" TH downpipe with 42# injectors and alky control. Trying to figure out a safe boost range for this Don't want to break anything so soon! 22lbs max possibly? 320 hp max? I still need to pull the computer out to see what chip it came with. Jr.
    jjkv, I sent you an email.

    dpasadena, yes, you gotta port the hole to perfectly match the pipe size now. You probably have 1.25 - 1.5" ID tubing that feeds your Tial 38mm. Whatever the size is, you gotta port the turbine housing to perfectly match that ID. Then you should have control back. Also, port the inside lip of the hole, to help the exhaust make the turn.

    Karri, GOOD GRIEF!! Where you been girl? I sent you a PM.
    Talk to you guys soon.

    sack himself, unfortunately no, the cast 6776 turbo is not upgradable to a Billet 67 wheel.

    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond everyone, it's going nuts in here.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Hey Patrick, a while back you helped me with an overboosting issue with my stock longblock/6262 dbb turbo car. I ported the wastegate hole and had great success. I now added champion irons and a 206/210 roller and lost the control again. I have a newer 38mm tial gate and also am using your slic.I know the gate might be on the small side, but I read somewhere that you might have had a similar combo and you could control the boost as low as 18lbs. my down pipe won't accept a larger gate without cutting and welding different flages on. Do you think with my combo I should be able to get down to atleast 20lbs? Thanks for your help Patrick. Dave
    One other thing. I have an '88 IROC Camaro convertible too with a 305. How hard would that be to turbo, and would I have to do work to the innards of the engine or leave it stock? - John M.
    Patrick, Thank you for talking to me on the phone today about the 6265 dbb turbo. I do want to order one, but will have to mail a cashiers check or something so my wife won't FREAK OUT over what I'm spending. Think you guys could send it without a receipt so she won't open the box and THEN freak out? :) Also, my current turbo is a Master Power 85AR. it has a 4 inch inlet, has a part # of 810013, and is a model T61/2 according to a chart I found online. The exhaust housing, however, is a precision turbo .63. I'm really just learning about turbos and am wondering if this is a big turbo or a small one for my car? It's leaking oil through the seals, and isn't worth fixing, being a cheapo to begin with. Let me know if and where I can mail a money order or cashier's check, and if you can hook me up on a delivery unaccompanied by paperwork? :) -John McClung, Asheville, NC
    Victor from bronx automotive here.Mike abreau brother in law.I would like to see if you can help me with a turbo combo for my car.I dont know if i should stay 3 bolt or go 4 bolt.I have a ta aluminum block,3.8 ..243 cid,236 solid roller cam,ported and polished champion alum gn1 heads,cotton front mt,66 turbonectics bb turbo,racegate,turbo 400 ,3600 stall converter with transbrake,8.5 rear with 3:42 gears.xfi,83lb injectors,aeromotive illiminator fuel cell with pump..i drive this car on the street to car shows..I would like a streetable,fast spooliling turbo that will get me into the mid nines but is streetable.Is this possible?thanks in advance
    I bought the precision oil filter relocation kit.It uses a 5/8 hose.Im using braided but that size is in between #10 and # 12 an hose.Which should i use?i was worried using # 12 might have an effect on oil pressure maybe?thanks
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