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  • I'll give you a call if your number is still the same. Was at a wake today and will be there tomorrow. Will call after that.
    the sat in the garage after your son worked on it and now i went to start it and nothing i dont know if the fuel pump is locked up but when i crake the engine the gauge show 20psi and then it goes down to 15psi so i dont know what to do thanks dave
    hi steve this is dave i was woundering if you do any side work i am looking for someone to help get my car back in running shape let me know if interested thanks dave
    DR BOOST tells me you may be coming to Richard Clark's next week. As you may know, I'm interested in his carbon fiber hood. Will you be coming to NC? If so, will you bring the hood?
    Conrad Carter
    hi Steve, got ur message for the QA1's but your PM box is full, not looking for any other parts/trades at this time. Thanks
    hey steve i was woundering if you had a iac housing i call full throttle thay are closed if you have one can you call me thanks dave
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