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  • Ok. Thanks I have the same new ta heads and intake for my stage 2 4.1 short block as you. Just wanted the steel heads for spare. Don't really need them thanks anyway.
    Hello, incharge Ed Rogers talked to me today about the his old stage 2 heads I would like to buy them call me when you get a chance about them. Thanks sal Ed's friend. 954-668-9573
    I just spoke with cal hartline and he told me to contact you about the tuning session april 4th,he said you may have room for one or two more cars,i would love to get in on it if at all possible,thanks,dave
    just notice that you are a fire restoration guy from Penna I have a damage restoration company and of course a GN in Waterbury Ct.I HATE Insurance companies how about you. I've been in this business for over thirty years. Jim Maguire
    Hi Jim, I actually get along really well with the majority of the Ins Co's w/ the exception of a few odd ball/small one's that have a problem with paying any invoice sent in! We do a lot of full rebuilds, deal often w/ Allstate, State Farm, Erie, Travelers (my favorite)...I get along great w/ all their major-loss guys. Only people I tend to but heads with are the public adjusters honestly!
    whats the name of your company ? jim maguire
    I just deleted it dude but u are a joke man and I am done with you...I work to ****in hard for my money to deal with this **** and see you selling more parts and then buying more parts too...man the **** up, u have till tuesday to send me a shipping confirmation or I file a dispute and i will trash u on this board...I am a stand up guy and have no time for people like you....and I have been told by very respected members on this board not to deal with you but of course that was after i did the transaction with you,.....frankly, i would rather u just return my money...I really dont want anything u even have...grow up Justin.
    Don't post that stuff in this guys thread. It has nothing to do with him. This is being made right for you Bob. Why would you do that? Did you not read the thread where everyone got there stuff? I am getting it to you and not in a timely manor but I am going to make it right.
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